Dominican Republic - Strengthen national SLCP planning and implementation processes while increasing action on methane mitigation



The Dominican Republic (DR) has made substantial progress in understanding SLCP sources and mitigation options. Since 2019 the DR has developed a national SLCP emission inventory and integrated SLCPs into its NDC update. However, the DR has joined the Global Methane Pledge and needs to now outline its contribution to achieving this pledge.

This project will provide technical assistance to support the Dominican Republic’s Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources to strengthen short-lived climate pollutant (SLCP) planning efforts and advance mitigation actions identified in previous CCAC projects. 

Project reference: Dominican Republic - Strengthen national SLCP planning and implementation processes while increasing action on methane mitigation [DO-22-001]


The project will: 

  • Increase the Dominican Republic Government capacity to assess and model their SLCP emissions, to prioritise and implement mitigation measures, and to track progress.
  • Increase Dominican Republic Government knowledge on institutional arrangements, policy and regulatory environment.
  • Develop a Methane Roadmap that can be endorsed by the Government of the Dominican Republic.



This project will build on the SLCP LEAP assessment and NDC revision processes by enhancing existing tools to assess SLCP mitigation to quantify the multiple benefits of SLCP (including methane) mitigation. 

It will also develop a methane roadmap on key aspects of methane mitigation planning, i.e. methane mitigation, monitoring, reporting and verification, and measure implementation pathways.

This project will achieve its objectives by:  

  • Updating SLCP emission projections and mitigation assessments in key source sectors, including assessing institutional arrangements, the policy and regulatory environment, the cost and financing of implementation, and a monitoring and evaluation framework for mitigation as a contribution to Dominican Republic’s NDC
  • Developing a methane roadmap with in-depth implementation pathways for priority methane mitigation measures aligned with the NDC implementation plans. 
  • Providing capacity building support and workshops to train personnel in relevant government institutions on updating SLCP mitigation assessments, developing long term emission projections, assessing the cost of implementation, and integrating SLCPs within Dominican Republic’s climate change planning processes (i.e. NDC implementation plans, greenhouse gas emission inventory development process).  
  • Develop a portfolio of potential projects for SLCP mitigation in Dominican Republic based on the mitigation assessment.