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Benchmarking of Air Quality Management Capacity for BreatheLife Network Members in Asia


Robust air quality monitoring is the backbone of AQM because it helps determine the extent and evolution of air pollution in an area. It subsequently informs the design and prioritization of interventions as well as track their effectiveness. However, data collection alone does not automatically translate to policies and public support. Communicating air quality information is also critical in raising public awareness and in elevating the issue to the policy agenda. 

The report provides an overview of the status of AQM and documents good practices in 24 BreatheLife Network Members across Asia. It also aims to facilitate knowledge-sharing, inform target setting and prioritization, and enable scaling-up of AQM initiatives in the region. It is meant for policymakers and technical staff involved in AQM, climate change mitigation, and urban development planning. Non-government organizations (NGOs), civil society organizations (CSOs), and international development agencies that are working on AQM advocacy, capacity-building, and policy development could also find this report useful.


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