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Colombia HFC Inventory


This document presents details of a market assessment of consumption of HFCs and expected future growth of HFCs in Colombia.

A top-down methodology was followed that involved the analysis of the government´s information, particularly the databases prepared by the Ministry of Trade, the National Ozone Unit, the National Office of Environmental Licenses and the interaction with upstream chemical and equipment suppliers and importers, industry associations and key end users.

In 2012 the refrigeration and air conditioning market segment accounted for 98.3 % of the total HFC used in the country. The remaining 1.7 % is represented by the use of HFC-152a in the glass industry (1.1 %), Chesterton® SP 296 as cleaning agent for electronics (0.2 %) and HFC-227ea and HFC-125 for fire protection (0.4 %). There is no HFC consumption in the foam industry, where pentanes -for domestic refrigeration- and HCFC-141b -for commercial refrigeration, discontinuous panels and spray- are the preferred blowing agents.