Work Plan & Budget: 2022

The 2022 CCAC Work Plan and Budget allocated $14 million to lay the foundation for delivery of the 2030 Strategy. Results and progress of Coalition activities and funded projects are highlighted in the 2021-2022 Annual Report

National Action

The 2022 Work Plan & Budget allocated $6 million to support country requests for comprehensive national planning and to respond to specific mitigation requests across priority SLCP sectors. To operationalize this commitment, the  CCAC kicked off its new “expressions of interest” process, collecting requests from 31 state partners which were developed into project concepts and announced through competitive Calls for Proposals. This resulted in: 

  • 48 new projects announced that will be launched in Q4 2022 and Q1 of 2023 and support 29 countries 
  • Of these projects, 20 have been approved for funding to advance national planning bringing the total number of countries that have started the national planning process to 39, and 14 include National Methane Roadmaps 
  • An additional $500K was allocated to recruiting 14 national consultants to coordinate government agencies and deliver national SLCP policy and planning support

Transformative Action

The 2022 Work Plan & Budget allocated $3 million to implement the CCAC Hub Engagement Strategies and advance transformational change in SLCP source sectors. Together with an additional $4 million from the 2023 Work Plan and Budget, a Call for Proposals was launched with a total budget of $7 million across the Agriculture, Cooling, Fossil Fuels, Heavy-duty Vehicles and Engines, Household Energy, National Planning, Policy & Implementation, and Waste sectors. This Call, which closed in October 2022, will produce projects to be launched in Q1 of 2023. 


The 2022 Work Plan & Budget dedicated funding for SLCP-related research, to produce scientific assessments, and to provide guidance to policy makers. Much of this work was carried out by the CCAC's Scientific Advisory Panel, and includes: 

  • $500,000  allocated to implementation of the CCAC Methane Flagship which resulted in the 2030 Baseline Report, the launch of the Methane Roadmap Action Programme (M-RAP), the provision of methane technical assistance including tools and guidance for policy and regulatory support, and the development of Country Methane Profiles available upon request to CCAC Country Partners and GMP Participating Countries. 
  • $200,000 to deliver science-focused support to the CCAC, which resulted in finalisation of the Africa Assessment and a study of HFC Consumption Trends.

CCAC Meetings

In 2022, the CCAC launched its updated governance structure under the 2030 Strategy with just over $1 million dedicated to funding for meetings and events. The CCAC partnership came together on the following occasions: