Capacity building Project in Nigeria for Developing Guidelines for Achieving Methane Reduction


Last year, in 2021, Nigeria took a bold step to reduce short-lived climate pollutants (SLCPs), committing to slash black carbon, methane, and hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) in its Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs), or its internationally agreed upon commitment to mitigating climate change. The country included an SLCP section with a 60 per cent reduction in fugitive methane emissions from the oil and gas sector by 2031, conditional on international support. If these NDCs are fully achieved, black carbon will reduce by 42 per cent, methane by 28 per cent, and HFCs by 2 per cent, all by 2030.

While these goals are aggressive, they can be attained with available technology and sound policy. More importantly, it could set a critical precedent for other countries in the region and around the globe.

In 2020, the CCAC initiated a project that provided technical and policy assistance to Nigeria’s Federal Ministry of Environment and Department of Petroleum Resources to strengthen their institutional capacity to achieve its SLCP reduction targets. The activities under this project were funded by the Coalition's Action Programme to Address the 1.5˚C Challenge, and implemented by Clean Air Task Force (CATF) and Caron Limits Nigeria. The project was completed in December 2021.

This webinar will provide an opportunity to present the outcomes of the project as well as learn from the Nigeria experience in developing SLCP mitigation policies and regulations in the oil and gas sector.


  • Opening Remarks: Martina Otto, CCAC Secretariat (5min)

  • IMEO: Connecting data with national action: Giulia Ferrini, UNEP (7 min)

  • Capacity building project in Nigeria: Mrs. Asmau Jibril, Department of Climate Change, Federal Ministry of Environment (12 min)

  • Next Steps and Plans on the Methane Regulation for Nigeria: Engr. Abiodun Abdurrahman, Nigerian Upstream Petroleum Regulatory Commission (12min)

  • Lessons learned on policy development: Jonathan Banks – CATF (12 min)

  • Q and A (12 min)

Moderator: Mr. Dan McDougall, CCAC Secretariat

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