Celebrating the 1st International Day of Clean Air for blue skies - Clean Air and Climate Change Partnership for All


South Korea's National Council on Climate Change and Air Quality (NCCA) is hosting The International Forum of Clean Air for blue skies on 7 September 2020 to coincide with the first International Day of Clean Air for blue skies designated by the United Nations. 

The forum will take a hybrid format, with both on-line and off-line participation. 

Opening remarks (16:00-16:05)

  • Ban Ki-moon (Chairman of the National Council on Climate and Air Quality)

Welcoming Remarks (16:05-16:10)

  • Kyung-wha Kang (Minister of Foreign Affairs)

Congratulatory Remarks (16:10-16:13)

  • Young-sun Park (Minister of SMEs and Startups) *pre-recorded

Global Actions (16:13-16:21)

  • Inger Andersen (Executive Director of UNEP) * pre-recorded
  • Yun-Chul Hong (Co-chair of Scientific Advisory Group) Inter-municipal Partnership Declaration & Presentations;

Best Practices Sharing Partnership: to Achieve Clean Air for blue skies 

Inter-municipal Government Dignitaries (16:21-16:47) 

  • Seung-jo Yang (Governor of Chungcheongnam-do Province, the Republic of Korea) (Presentation)
  • Li Ganjie (Governor of Shandong Province, People’s Republic of China) (Presentation) * pre-recorded
  • Arai Shogo (Governor of Nara Prefecture, Japan) (Presentation)

Green Recovery, Carbon Neutrality, Clean Air for All

The Voice of the Youths in Climate Actions (16:47-17:07)

  • Dongju Yu (CEO, K.O.A) (Moderator)
  • 7 youth representatives: 1 from UNESCO, 1 from UNICEF, 2 from TCS, 1 from GEYK, 1 from BigWave, 1 from Ecomom Korea

Video: International Day of Clean Air for blue skies - Clean Air For All

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