Clean Air Day Webinar: Practical steps to eliminate the open burning of waste

Photo Matt Palmer on Unsplash Clean Air Day


The world is facing a waste burning crisis. An estimated 40% of waste globally is openly burned - on landfills, in public spaces and in backyards. Open burning is an urgent issue for us all. It drives climate change, releases a toxic combination of pollutants into the environment, and contributes to over one million deaths worldwide each year.

This event, on Clean Air Day, gives the open burning crisis the attention it deserves. It draws from experiences across India and Africa, including lessons to support regional and global goals to eliminate the open dumping and burning of waste. 


Welcome (5 min) -Donovan Storey, CCAC Secretariat
Introduction to the partnership to eliminate open burning of waste (5 min) -Hazel Ingham, Engineering X
Best practices in conducting waste burning surveys: examples from Indore, India and Nairobi, Kenya (12 min) -Bhavay Sharma, WRI
Research to Action in Senegal (12 min) - Papa Idrissa Diene, Practical Action 
Q&A (20 min) - Moderator: Donovan Storey, CCAC Secretariat
Wrap up (5 min) - Hazel Ingham, Engineering X

Webinar - Practical Steps to Eliminate the Open Burning of Waste
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