How to make municipal waste projects financially sustainable


The webinar will focus on real cases in Lebanon, Morocco, Poland, Serbia, and Thailand to shed light on different business models and technology choices. Based on concrete examples the webinar will help project owners to make the right choices in preparation phases, in line with their local context, to benefit from the private sector capabilities (technical know-how, financing capacity…). The webinar also aims at highlighting waste as a central issue eligible to global climate / green finance resources.

This webinar is designed for waste project owners and municipal representatives in emerging countries. It will provide an operational return on experience from the private sector related to the main hurdles, including financing. The experience comes from a private company, Suez. Suez is a global leader in waste management and resource recovery and has started to extend in emerging economies where MSW is a major issue.

The webinar will be led by Samir Dendoune, Development Director MSW, Suez Treatment Infrastructure, and Laurent Poire, PPP-BOT Projects, Suez International.

Please note participation is free of cost, however, places are limited, so register early to participate! Once registered, you will receive the instructions on how to join a few days before the webinar.

The webinar will be conducted in English.

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