International day of Clean Air for blue skies – National Air Quality Forum

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Climate and Clean Air

The International Day of Clean Air for blue skies is a United Nations observance day aimed at raising awareness about the importance of clean air and addressing air pollution. It was established to emphasize the critical role that clean air plays in supporting human health, ecosystems, and sustainable development.

The Government of Rwanda recognizes air pollution as a serious environmental and health threat and with its partners have taken significant strides in identification of air pollution sources and air quality monitoring at national level. Rwanda will join the world to observe this International Day of Clean Air through a national event dubbed the National Air Quality Forum organized by Rwanda Environment Management Authority (REMA), to discuss strategic partnerships towards air quality improvement in Rwanda under the theme "Together for Clean Air."

This highlights the urgent need for stronger partnerships, increased investment, and share responsibility for overcoming air pollution. Air pollution, indoors and outdoors, directly impacts human and ecosystem health. We all share and breathe the same air; thus, we all have a responsibility to protect our atmosphere and ensure healthy air for everyone
This day will bring together government institutions, organizations, private sector (Industries) to promote actions and initiatives that contribute to improving air quality and reducing air pollution. Hence, everyone has a part to play in cleaning our air and protecting our health, and everyone can benefit from it.