International day of Clean Air for blue skies – UNEP North America Reception

(New York)
Ozone Bioindicator Gardens
Arlington, VA
United States
A gentle sky

Air pollution is the biggest environmental health risk of our time. Crucially, air pollution causes approximately 7 million premature deaths per year and US $8.1 trillion in health damages, equivalent to 6.1 percent of global GDP. Given the transboundary nature of air pollution, collective action is needed across sectors and borders. The fourth International Clean Air Day for blue skies will take place on September 7th under the theme of Togetherfor Clean Air which focuses on the need for solid partnerships, increased investments, and shared responsibility to overcome air pollution.

Many air pollutants that affect our health, such as short-lived climate pollutants, also warm the atmosphere. In this context, UNEP’s Regional Office for North America is working in collaboration with the Climate and Clean Air Coalition to convene an event to emphasizethe importance and connection between air pollution, environmental justice, ozone, and health. Information and awareness sharing on the quality of the air we share galvanizes the region in working together to fulfill the 2030 Agenda and defend the right to a healthy environment.

About the event

To be hosted on Thursday, September 7th, from 4 – 6:00 pm, close to Washington, D.C at the Ozone Bioindicator Gardens. Speakers from UNEPNASA, the Smithsonian, academic institutions, and Arlington Regional Master Naturalists will share information, findings, perspectives, and discoveries to both an in-person and virtual audience. In addition, an interactive learning experience will be provided on-site in the Ozone Bioindicator Garden and to Ozone Garden Network participants across the U.S.

At the event, we will underscore the importance of understanding the impact of air pollution on human and ecosystem health, and its environmental justice implications. The activities will align with the overarching Clean Air Day goals to raise awareness and spur action needed to combat air pollution and improve air quality.