Oil and Gas in Transition: Clarifying producer responsibility and the roles of NOCs and IOCs

Zero Carbon Future Platform in the Blue Zone
United Arab Emirates

This panel will focus on the role of oil and gas producers, including National Oil Companies and International Oil Companies, on the road to net-zero. 

Economic and geopolitical crises continue to challenge assumptions regarding the role of fossil fuel producers and the future of the energy system, as even the countries most committed to climate action seek out new sources and potentially lock in fossil fuel consumption for decades. It is clear that any energy transformation will require the participation — and some leadership — from major oil and gas producers.

Meanwhile, national oil companies, not private producers, produce a majority of the world’s oil and gas, and hold a much larger share of the world’s oil and gas reserves. Yet climate policy continues to primarily focus on and target major private producers, which face a far different set of resources and responsibilities.

This event will explore what accountability looks like for the sector and how climate action can be retooled to better support and drive the transition of not only oil majors in the West, but also that of national oil companies and producers in the Global South.

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