SRP 10th Annual Plenary and Virtual Rice Week


The Sustainable Rice Platform (SRP) is holding its 10th Annual Plenary and Virtual Rice Week through a combination of high level daily keynotes, presentations and panel discussions.

A series of immersive online sessions from 29 March to 2 April 2021 at 09:00-12:00 CEST or 14:00-17:00 Bangkok time will offer participants a unique opportunity to interact with speakers and fellow delegates, both during the sessions and throughout the week.

On registration, participants will be able to access this platform that will serve as an integrated portal for all plenary-related activities.


29 March: Rice, Resilience and Transformation
The first day of the event will contextualize the role of the rice sector as a critical driver of our global food system. Speakers will review the challenges of the past year and the opportunities presented by technological advancement to overcome them. An overview of recent developments in the Sustainable Rice Platform will set the scene for more specific thematic discussions over the following days.

30 March: Innovation, technology convergence and development
Research and development initiatives funded by both public and private sector actors are generating innovations and technologies with transformative potential. Day 2 will showcase examples of such innovations, in particular those that support monitoring and evaluation, as well as impact assessment and field-level approaches.

31 March: Driving sustainable private sector value chains 
Launched in September 2020, the SRP Assurance Scheme presents opportunities to de-risk supply chains, contribute to social and environmental goals and boost incomes for smallholder rice farmers, as well as contributing to sustainable production and consumption. Private sector market perspectives and challenges will be presented on Day 3 through a panel discussion to highlight the potential of SRP tools, programmes and outreach projects in linking farmers to markets.

1 April: Transformative action: Scaling best practice adoption 
Scaling best practice adoption at landscape levels requires institutional and multistakeholder collaboration. Day 4 presentations and discussions will feature a number of bilateral and multilateral initiatives, including innovative approaches to financing sustainable rice and SRP's participation in strategic scaling partnerships.

2 April: Standards and governance 
Emerging from a legacy of economic and production drivers over the past 30 years, voluntary sustainability standards (VSS) have assumed a growing role as a form of transnational governance in transforming business practice across diverse commodity chains. Day 5 speakers and panelists will consider the broader context of international governance of VSS, including the role of standard-setting bodies, particularly ISEAL. A session will also be held to highlight the need to embrace and advance the principles of women's empowerment and diversity within SRP's institutional governance, as well as through its normative tools, towards a gender-responsive approach to wider sectoral change.

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