Workshop on clean energy end-user finance solutions in Nigeria and West Africa


The UNEP Denmark Technical University Partnership (UNEP DTU) on behalf of CCAC, is facilitating the South-South Learning Exchange workshop focused on clean energy  (lighting and cooking) end-user finance solutions in Nigeria and West Africa. This event will be an opportunity to hear from successful entrepreneurs, key experts and stakeholders from Nigeria, other African countries as well as from other developing regions and international organizations. Further, representatives from ECREEE and other West African government departments will be invited.


  1. To have discussion on the Household Survey and Analysis from the study conducted by SMB/UDP on technology feasibility and market needs assessment to identify the gaps/ constraints in accessing finance for clean energy technologies. Discussion on next steps regarding prospective quantitative targets in terms of hardware, finance and beneficiaries.
  2. Sharing of experience and lessons from key experts/entrepreneurs regarding successful lessons for possible replication and 'pitfalls' to avoid.
  3. Documentation of the South-South learning event in a report by UDP (post workshop)
  4. Dissemination and communication of workshop outcome (post workshop).

The full agenda is below.

Event resources