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Italy recognizes the crucial importance of addressing climate change and therefore believes that the Climate and Clean Air Coalition to Reduce Short-Lived Climate Pollutants offers opportunities to complement the efforts needed under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.

By joining the Coalition, Italy will support activities aiming at reducing emissions of SLCPs and integrate its national efforts with activities at international level.

Italy supports CCAC projects in developing countries as a donor to the CCAC Trust Fund. Details about Italy's contributions and pledges can be found here.

Other activities

Domestic activities

As a Member State of the European Union, Italian activities related to SLCPs emissions reductions mainly result from the European Union environmental legislation.

Important measures have been recently adopted to reduce HFC emissions, as for example the institution of a certification system for personnel and companies handling these gases.

Italy is actively promoting initiatives to reduce black carbon emissions from the transport sector, such as low impact fuels, use of ecological vehicles for distribution of goods and implementation of services and infrastructures for the public transport. In particular, through the Sustainable Mobility Fund established in 2006, Italy has co-financed 187 projects for a total value of 195 millions Euros.

Regarding methane emissions, Italy is engaged in increasing the percentage of total waste recycled as well as methane recovered from landfills.

International activities

Italy is promoting important initiatives to reduce SLCPs both at international level and through bilateral agreements.

Under the Montreal Protocol, Italy is supporting the phase down of HFC with high GWP.

As part of the bilateral cooperation on environment, Italy and Iraq have recently agreed on a joint programme to reduce emissions from oil and gas production.

Other bilateral agreements aim at reducing methane emissions. For example, several projects have been carried out in China in order to assess the technical and financial feasibility of biogas recovery for energy production. A pilot project is being carried out in Mexico in order to design and develop a Municipal Solid Waste recycling process based on co-generation of bio-energy, high quality bio-fertilizers and purified water.


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