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Africa and the Kigali Amendment


The Kigali Amendment to the Montreal Protocol was adopted in Rwanda by 197 nations in October 2016. Building on 30 years of the successful elimination of ozone-depleting substances, the amended Montreal Protocol now aims for a worldwide phase down of the potent greenhouse gases, HFCs, thereby preventing the direst consequences of climate change. African countries are among those already hit hardest by the growing consumption of high Global Warming Potential (GWP) substances, which impact human health, security and economic growth. However, African countries also face a unique opportunity to directly switch to solutions that do not harm the environment, and to help move towards a sustainable economic transition and positive societal change. 

This report summarizes current needs, concerns and challenges faced by African nations in making the Kigali Amendment a success. It also provides general guidance on the Amendment’s major obligations, deadlines and opportunities. Finally, the report suggests possible sets of activities to be adopted for a smooth and effective KA ratification, implementation and enforcement. 

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