Vital Strategies

Vital Strategies

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Vital Strategies partners with governments to design and implement public health initiatives that bridge the gap between public health needs and solutions, especially in low- and middle- income countries.

Vital Strategies has met with governments and civil society groups in Mumbai, Delhi, Jakarta, Colombo, Shanghai, and Singapore to develop partnerships and identify projects that improve air quality surveillance and accelerate clean fuel conversion. Of particular concern is Southeast Asia, where air pollution is worsening because of the growing population, expanding energy use and extensive forest burning. As it travels across borders, this pollution also threatens neighboring countries.

Vital Strategies is working to assess the health impacts of air pollution, increase public awareness of its harms and its potential solutions, and explore engagement with the finance sector to create development “impact bonds” that will incentivize sustainable practices in the palm oil industry, a major source of regional air pollution.

Role within the Coalition

Vital Strategies joined the Coalition in March 2018. The organisation plans to actively engage with the Coalition’s Urban Health Initiative and its BreatheLife Campaign, and plans to focus its efforts on:

  • Strengthening health ministry capacity to improve and use data, engage across sectors and promote action on SLCPs for health co-benefits

  • Applying the tools of strategic communication and advocacy proven effective in other public health areas to inform and activate civil society and governments

  • Developing champions for air pollution and health, with a focus on health professionals and clinician voices 


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