SLCP action plan

Nigeria's National Action Plan to Reduce Short-Lived Climate Pollutants

2018 - 2045

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Nigeria's National Action Plan on SLCPs was a collabroative effort across several ministries and the CCAC to target HFCs, methane, ozone, and black carbon to achieve rapid climate change mitigation and societal benefits simultaneously. There are also significant abatement targets identified. For instance, the plan estimates a 61% reduction by 2030 if all abatement (22) measures recommended in the plan are implemented.

It sets the following targets:

  • 50% methane reduction by 2030 in the oil and gas sector
  • 100% gas flaring eliminated by 2020
  • 50% of methane recovered from landfills by 2030
  • 50% reduction in open burning of waste by 2030
  • 30% reduction in emission intensity in the agricultural sector by 2030
  • 10% of HFCs phased out by 2030, 50% by 2040, and 80% by 2045
  • 25% of all buses converted to CNG by 2030.


The Plan identified 22 measures across the following sectors:


  1. Renewal of the urban bus fleet in Lagos;
  2. Adoption of CNG Buses in Nigeria;
  3. Introduction of low sulphur Diesel and Petrol;
  4. Elimination of high emitting vehicles that do not meet vehicle emission standards; and
  5. Reduction of vehicle journeys by car through transport modal shifts.

Household energy

6. Increase in population using modern fuels for cooking (LPG, electricity, kerosene, biogas, solar cookers);

7. Replacement of traditional biomass cookstoves with more efficient improved biomass stoves; and

8. Elimination of kerosene lamps.

Oil and gas

9. Elimination of gas flaring;

10. Control of fugitive emissions/leakages; and

11. Methane Leakage Reduction.


12. Improved Energy Efficiency in industrial Sector.


13. Reduction of methane emissions and open burning of waste at open dumpsites through adoption of digesters at dump sites;

14. Septic sludge collection; and

15. Sewerage Systems and Municipal wastewater treatment plants.


16. Increased adoption of intermittent aeration of rice paddy fields (AWD);

17. Reduce open-field burning of crop residues;

18. Anaerobic Digestion (AD); and

19. Reduce methane emissions from enteric fermentation.


20. Expansion of National Electricity Coverage; and

21. Increase share of electricity generated in Nigeria from renewables.


22. Elimination of HFC consumption.

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