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EU Reference Scenario 2016: Energy, transport, GHG emissions and trends to 2050 Belgium 2016 Ongoing
Evaluación de la mitigación de los contaminantes climaticos de vida corta en la República Dominicana: Recomendaciones para la mejora de la NDC Dominican Republic 2021 Ongoing
Fact Sheet: Proposed Climate, Air Quality and Permitting Rules for the Oil and Natural Gas Industry 2015 Ongoing
Fact Sheet: Supplemental Proposal for New Landfills United States 2015 Ongoing
Factsheet: EPA’s Air Rules for Municipal Solid Waste Landfills Proposed Emission Guidelines for Existing Landfills United States 2015 Ongoing
Framework Document of the Policy Advisory Network for Latin America on Clean Brick Production (PAN LAC) and Medium and Long Term Goals Work Plan 2014 Ongoing
G20 2016: G20 Energy Efficiency Leading Programme 2016 Ongoing
G7 Environment Ministers Toyama Communique 2016 Ongoing
G7 Ise-Shima Leaders' Declaration 2016 Ongoing
Gender Equality and the Environment. Policy Strategy 2015 Ongoing
Germany's climate action plan 2050 Germany 2016 Ongoing
Global Green Freight Action Plan: Reducing the climate and health impacts of goods transport 2015 Ongoing
Global Industry Partnership on Soot-Free Clean Bus Fleets: Public commitment statement 2017 Ongoing
Guidelines for management of fugitive methane and greenhouse gases emissions in the upstream oil and gas operations in Nigeria Nigeria 2022 Ongoing National
Guidelines for Management of Fugitive Methane and Greenhouse Gases Emissions in the Upstream Oil and Gas Operations in Nigeria Nigeria 2022 Ongoing