Costa Rica - Deliver National SLCP Plan and National Methane Roadmap 


Costa Rica's main sources of SLCP emissions are diesel truck pollution and waste management which produce black carbon, and methane. Since joining the CCAC in 2017, Costa Rica has promoted SLCP mitigation and increased its capacity to understand SLCP sources and possible mitigation pathways. 

Implementation of SLCP mitigation measures needs continuous support in raising awareness among political leadership about the benefits of mitigation; identifying specific investments, pilot projects, or regulatory policies to facilitate mitigation; and assessing the trade-offs of possible new energy policies.

This project will develop an SLCP plan that helps the government prioritise specific actions to mitigate hydrofluorocarbons, black carbon, and methane; as well as a methane roadmap that will target international cooperation to help finance high-impact projects to reduce and decelerate methane emissions.



The project aims to: 

  • Develop a national SLCP plan which can be endorsed by the government.
  • Develop a methane roadmap which follows a methodology agreed with the CCAC Secretariat and can be endorsed by the government.
  • Produce recommendations to improve the national methane inventory, identify methane mitigation pathways and assess  the costs of implementation. 
  • Develop a monitoring and evaluation framework for methane mitigation.  

To achieve these objectives the project will:

  • Enhance collaboration between the expert consultants, the Ministry of Environment and other relevant stakeholders. Organising, holding, or participating in a meeting or event 1 document and 2 virtual meetings 
  • Develop indicators for methane that connect to national indicators and design institutional arrangements for data collection. 
  •  Set up a monitoring system for each SLCP and mitigation measure; use existing reporting tools. 
  • Study how existing plans, programmes, and policies advance SLCP mitigation; also research additional actions not previously contemplated.
  • Update existing models that quantify mitigation measures' SLCP and GHG emissions reductions, costs, and benefits; assess the implementation actions identified.
  • Develop a methane roadmap draft, using the SLCP analysis previously developed.
  • Hold a workshop and bilateral meetings focusing on analysis validation and priorisation of mitigation actions.
  • Develop a report on action plan for implementing SLCP mitigation measures.
  • Develop a course to train national and international actors in SLCP sources and mitigation in Costa Rica. 

Project reference: Costa Rica - Deliver National SLCP Plan and National Methane Roadmap [CR-22-002]

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