Costa Rica - Deliver National SLCP Plan and National Methane Roadmap 

This project will provide technical assistance to Costa Rica’s Ministry of Environment and Energy to build on it's work on national planning to address short-lived climate pollutants (SLCP). CCAC’s previous projects.

Project reference: Costa Rica - Deliver National SLCP Plan and National Methane Roadmap [CR-22-002]


The project aims to achieve the following by its completion: 

  • Costa Rica’s government endorses the national SLCP plan 
  • Costa Rica’s government endorses the methane roadmap 
What we're doing


The main project deliverables are:  

  • A national SLCP plan that includes an SLCP emissions inventory, emissions projections, mitigation assessments, quantification of benefits, and implementation pathways, that takes into consideration other plans implemented in the country. This would build on the SLCP roadmap.   
  • A methane roadmap that follows a methodology agreed with the CCAC Secretariat. 
  • Recommendations to improve the national methane inventory, identification of methane mitigation pathways and assessment of the costs of implementation of the mitigation pathways. 
  • A monitoring and evaluation framework for methane mitigation.  

Project updates