Mali - Strengthen national planning processes for SLCP mitigation 

The aim of this project is to provide technical assistance to Mali’s National Meteorological Agency to strengthen its national short-lived climate pollutant (SLCP) planning and mitigation actions. This will build on previous CCAC projects.

Project Reference: Mali - Strengthen national planning processes for SLCP mitigation [ML-22-001]



The project will achieve the following by its completion:

  • Mali’s government has a demonstrated increased capacity to:
    • assess and model their SLCP emissions, to prioritize mitigation measures, and to track progress.
    • integrate SLCPs into the relevant planning processes (greenhouse gas emissions inventory, MRV frameworks, NDC implementation plans etc.).
    • mobilize resources for implementing mitigation measures.
  • Mali’s government endorses the methane roadmap.
What we're doing


The main deliverables of this project are: 

  • Updated and improved SLCP emission estimates and projections, implementation pathways for priority SLCP measures, cost estimates for implementation, recommendations for integration of SLCPs into NDC implementation plans, monitoring, reporting and verification (MRV) and transparency reporting, and greenhouse gas  emission inventory development into future reporting under the UNFCCC on Mali’s NDC implementation for improved methane emission estimates.
  • A methane roadmap based on the aforementioned assessments and on updated and improved methane emission and mitigation assessments in key source sectors, applying IPCC Tier 2 methods, with in depth implementation pathways for methane mitigation measures - aligned with the NDC implementation plans. 
  • Training to a core team in the Ministry of Environment, Sanitation and Sustainable Development and relevant institutions on updating the SLCP analysis in key sectors (i.e. energy, waste, agriculture, and forestry), developing long-term 2050 emission projections, and entering cost data to assess the cost of implementing mitigation measures.
  • A portfolio of projects (project proposals and concept notes) for SLCP mitigation in Mali  with consideration of the inputs generated by the SLCP mitigation assessments.