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Climate justice and our built space


The Frankfurt School UNEP Collaborating Centre for Climate & Sustainable Energy Finance and its local partner cBalance are conducting a study on behalf of the Coalition on “financing of sustainable cooling technologies” in India. The project is investigating how to establish a sustainable cooling finance programme by involving energy service companies, financial institutions, end-user-adopters, architects, heating and cooling engineers, and suppliers/manufacturers. The programme will be fortified with a dedicated technical assistance facility (i.e. a support cell) that will work to overcome entrenched perception, financial, and implementation barriers that are preventing the use of alternative cooling technologies.

The activities are focused on increasing the use of Sustainable Cooling Technologies by conducting a feasibility assessment for designing a finance programme that seeks to switch from high-global warming potential HFC cooling technology to fluorinated and non-fluorinated alternatives that are more sustainable.

This "climate justice and our built space" presentation was given at the first stakeholders workshop 15-17 December 2017 in Mumbai, India.

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