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Country Report Climate Smart Rice Pakistan


This document is an in-country study to identify capacity barriers, gaps and needs for a successful development and implementation Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Actions (NAMAs) for the rice paddy sector in Pakistan. The study is a result of intensive stakeholder consultations across the agriculture sector. This study makes an in-depth analysis of the policy landscape for mitigation of climate impacts on the rice sector. The study aims to bridge gap between scientific and technical aspects of climate change mitigation in the agriculture sector and policy making. The study concludes with recommendations of actions that must be taken and capacities that could be developed to support the development and implementation of NAMAs in Pakistan.

This effort has not only brought into account past and ongoing projects and policies to come up with a future road map for mitigation and adaptation strategies for agriculture sector but has also given immense importance to perceptions and concerns of farmers, agro-businesses, government and associated stakeholders. In doing so the final document is a comprehensive assessment of gaps that exist in the present framework of efforts and policies employed to combat climate change and measures that need to be taken for Pakistan to meet its national and international commitments regarding climate change.