Knowledge Platforms

Municipal Solid Waste Knowledge Platform


The CCAC MSW Knowledge Platform is a tool that has been established to promote, share and exchange information and provide outreach resources to support cities and governments to reduce short-lived climate pollutants through improving Municipal Solid Waste Management practices. It allows open access to an extensive array of material and resources disseminating existing and new best practice strategies for reducing methane and black carbon emissions across the waste sector.

The platform consists of:

  • Resources – including an online library covering key documents pertaining to all aspects of MSW management; and a directory of databases connecting the user to complimentary external resources;
  • an Exchange Platform facilitating peer-to-peer exchange, discussion, outreach and capacity building such as access to specialized experts who are available to answer inquiries on MSW management;
  • An opportunity to learn from cities involved in the CCAC MSW Initiative and for new cities to become engaged with the initiative.

The main or target audience of the knowledge platform are municipalities and governmental representatives responsible for waste management, national governments, and participants involved in the MSW initiative.

Pollutants (SLCPs)