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Oil and Gas Methane Partnership (OGMP): First-Year Report


2016 was the first year that CCAC OGMP Partner companies have produced Annual Reports. The six OGMP founding companies provided reports in 2016 covering 2015: Eni, Pemex, PTT, Southwestern Energy Company, Statoil and Total S.A. Key metrics presented in the public summary versions of these Annual Reports are intended to show Partner company progress in implementing the elements of the OGMP, provide useful data on key methane emitting sources and recognize e orts taken to reduce methane emissions, both historically and as part of a Partner company’s participation in the Partnership.  

This First-Year Report is produced by the CCAC OGMP Secretariat, and includes the following sections:

  • Section I of the Oil & Gas Methane Partnership — First-Year Report presents background information on the OGMP and summarizes 2015 activities.
  • Section II contains company-specific summaries from Annual Reports provided by the six companies reporting for 2015. 
  • Section III presents frequently asked questions regarding the OGMP.


> Company reports and a Reader's Guide are available as individual PDFs here.

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