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State of Global Air 2017: A Special Report on Global Exposure to Air Pollution and Its Disease Burden


This first issue of the State of Global Air report brings into one place information on outdoor air quality and health for all countries around the globe. It is based on the most recent data available to provide a comprehensive picture of the latest global levels and trends (since 1990).

The report is designed to introduce citizens, journalists, policy makers, and scientists to the Global Burden of Disease project, a comprehensive effort to estimate and track human exposure to air pollution and its impact on human health around the world.

This report describes key findings related to the levels of exposure to PM2.5 and ozone and their impacts on health. On the State of Global Air website you can use the interactive feature to explore and visually compare air pollution levels and health impacts around the world in individual countries and among regions.

Pollutants (SLCPs)