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Support for Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD) of Vietnam to finalize the Animal Husbandry Law


Wastes from livestock production in Vietnam has increasingly been an environmental problem and GHG emission in particular. The total solid waste from livestock production is estimated about 62.07 million tons and about 63 million m3 of liquid waste (Department of Livestock Production, 2018). The number of livestock raising households who have not yet carried out any waste treatment measures still accounted for 47%. Properly managing manure and other wastes from the livestock production could significanly contribute for reducing emission of SLCP (biogas digesters can help to reduce from 23 - 53% of GHG emited). The main SLCPs from the animal manure are mainly in the forms of  CH¬4 and N2O, therefore, the mitigation measures applied in livestock production sub-sector in Vietnam have focussed on manure and waste management to prevent the anerobic fermentation to generate CH¬4  and N2O.

As part of implementing the Paris Agreement, Vietnam through its Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD), has developed a Law on Animal Husbandry that promulgates sustainable animal husbandry principles. In support of the drafting of this law a survey on mitigation options applied in livestock production in combination with the consultation process for the Animal husbandry law was carried out in all provinces of Vietnam from June  2018 to the last quarter of 2018 and its related Decrees during the first half of 2019.

This report:
- Stocktakes the results of the identified GHG mitigation options  applied in livestock production throughout Vietnam (i.e. type of the mitigation options, scale of aplication, where and with whom etc.);
- Identifies strengths, challenges, effectiveness and opportunities for scaling-up prioritized options in order to contribute to acheiving Vietnam´s commitments in its National Determined Contributions (NDC);
- Provides a set of policy implication in using the survey and analytical results to support for strengthening the preposition of including environmentt protection and ensuring Vietnam’s international commitments including Climate change mitigation as key principles in the Animal Husbandry Law as it has been consulting.


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