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Towards the Valorization of Solid Waste in Latin America and the Caribbean

Hacia la valorización de residuos sólidos en América Latina y el Caribe

In Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) there is a tendency to eliminate waste through the final disposal technique in sanitary landfills and open-air dumps. The implementation of recovery technologies is still incipient, despite the important benefits they generate, such as the reduction of carbon emissions, the recovery of materials and the energy potential present in waste, the extension of the useful life of landfills health and the creation of "green" jobs, among others. It is essential to introduce and promote the use of recovery techniques, which, although they require greater capital resources, allow waste to be transformed into new resources and generate great savings for society in the long term in economic and environmental terms. This publication presents the concepts used by countries that have made the greatest advances in the integrated management of urban solid waste in order to evaluate the different waste segregation, treatment, and recovery techniques (best available techniques and proven technologies) and includes technical sheets. with evaluation criteria of available technologies. Likewise, it offers a feasibility analysis methodology that can guide municipalities and decision-makers in the selection of waste recovery technologies, according to their local context. Finally, it proposes a series of recommendations for the adoption of public policies and instruments that promote the introduction and use of these technologies in LAC.

The report is available in English and Spanish in the following link.

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