Hal Harvey

Hal Harvey
Hal Harvey, CEO, Energy Innovation. Photo source: Energy Innovation

Strategist, environmentalist, and philanthropist Hal Harvey has dedicated his career over the last three decades to advocate for adequate funding to act fast and at scale to fight climate change.

“Philanthropy must be willing to make a long-term commitment to effect change and provide support commensurate with the challenge… All of the strategies we have examined carry some element of uncertainty, but none of the choices are as risky or costly as doing nothing at all,” he wrote in his co-authored report Design to Win in 2007. This kicked-off an avalanche of financing from U.S. foundations towards climate mitigation and adaptation.

Mr. Harvey’s efforts were also among the first ever to understand and undertake the important challenge of financing “non-CO2 mitigation”. Having founded, directed, and worked at more than seven philanthropic foundations, Mr. Harvey successfully built a network of grant-makers and experts who share best practices in the areas most critical to reel in rising temperatures. These efforts to reduce both long and short-lived climate forcers have translated to national, international, and global action across the globe.

With a rare, optimistic voice on climate change, Mr. Harvey has worked from the premise that the climate problem is in fact solvable, and that the move to zero-carbon energy technologies can be accomplished. He has been able to prove this throughout much of his career.  Mr. Harvey continues to work on fast, targeted actions that are bending the world’s emissions curve and helping prevent dangerous climate change.