The Climate and Clean Air Coalition Trust Fund supports the Coalition’s activities. It is administered by the Coalition's Secretariat and hosted by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP). 


As of November 2020, the first phase of the Coalition’s work (2012-2021) is 92% complete.  

During this period, we raised USD 94.2 million from 20 donors. The bulk of this funding has gone towards capacity building and technical assistance projects in developing countries, as well as towards project to catalyse action in key short-lived climate pollutant emitting sectors. This work has been guided by the Strategic Plan to 2021

Some of the results we have produced and reported by our partners between 2012-2020 include: over 700 policies and plans for SLCP mitigation; over 170 laws and regulations adopted or amended in the bricks, transport, waste, agriculture, and the oil and gas methane sectors in more than 70 countries and regions; strengthening of institutional capacities in 180 countries; more than USD 40 million in co-funding raised in addition to the USD 56.4 million allocated from our Trust Fund (details below).  

In addition, the Trust Fund resources have been targeted towards sharing the solutions countries have implemented, raising awareness and engaging leaders across the world. 

More details on the Coalition’s achievements can be found in our Annual Reports


Trust fund figures

Trust Fund
since 2012
$94.2 mil.

For 2012-2021, we raised 94.2 million USD from 20 donors

Funds allocated
and spent

This first phase of the Coalition’s work (2012-2021) is 92% complete

Trust Fund

20 countries and entities have contributed to our Trust Fund to date

with results

Our activites have led to results in 75 countries this year

Allocation of funds

Allocated funds are approved by the consensus of Coalition Partners, in accordance with the Framework Document. Funds are used for activities under our 12 initiativesSolution Centre and other agreed work. 

Between 2012-2020, the Coalition allocated a total of USD 56,445,625 million.  

The bulk of Coalition-funded projects, approved during 2012-2020, are expected to end by 31 December 2021. A number of new projects will be approved in 2021 as part of the transition to the Coalition’s 2030 Strategy.

Agriculture USD 8,740,227
Assessments USD 1,875,100
Bricks USD 4,182,435
Efficient Cooling USD 245,000
Finance USD 1,647,577
Health USD 2,454,858
Heavy-Duty Vehicles USD 9,049,346
HFC USD 3,199,590
Household Energy USD 4,859,106
Mineral Methane (Oil & Gas) USD 4,062,053
National Planning (SNAP) USD 8,893,983
Waste USD 6,436,350
TOTAL USD 55,645,625

Phase two: replenishment underway

The second phase of our work (2022-2030) will be guided by our 2030 Strategy. We will increase our focus on supporting national action, while at the same time continuing to engage global leaders and decision makers, advance the transformation of key emitting sectors and provide policy-relevant research and analysis. 

The potential to significantly reduce short-lived climate pollutants will guide our work through to 2030. Global efforts to implement known practices and existing technologies can achieve global reductions of at least 40% of methane by 2030 compared to 2010, up to 70% of black carbon by 2030 relative to 2010, and 99.5% of HFCs by 2050 compared to 2010. 

The Coalition's Trust Fund will be used to build capacity, enable peer-to-peer engagement and support leadership at the national level with the of achieving positive outcomes for health, food security, livelihoods and the environment. This will be achieved by leveraging our approach that integrates air quality and climate mitigation.  

Contribute to the delivery of the 2030 Strategy 

The Coalition is a wise investment for a government’s climate finance portfolio. We are the only global organisation focused on reducing short-lived climate pollutants – actions which deliver results for developing countries and are imperative to meet the Paris Agreement targets. 

Countries contribute to the Trust Fund on a voluntary basis to support the partnership and our activities, as well as to empower developing countries to fully engage and transform their relevant sectors.  


Contributors to the Trust Fund are: Norway, Canada, United States, Japan, Sweden, Switzerland, European Commission, Denmark, Netherlands, Germany, Italy, France, Walloon Government of Belgium, AustraliaFinland, and Poland. (updated March 2021)

Norway 22,753,509 
Canada 20,442,219
USA 18,244,574
Japan 11,167,001
Sweden 6,481,278
Switzerland 5,749,667
European Commission 3,526,049
Denmark 1,817,223
Monaco 1,130,708
Germany 1,044,343
Netherlands 870,285
Finland 848,315
Italy 642,850
France 610,297
Walloon Government of Belgium 460,414
Australia 148,134
Luxembourg 84,830
Poland 10,000
Earmarked funds 1,112,556
TOTAL 97,144,251
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