The Climate and Clean Air Coalition (CCAC) Trust Fund supports the Coalition’s activities. Decisions on use of Trust Fund resources are made by the CCAC Board and Partners in line with the CCAC Framework. It is administered by the Coalition's Secretariat, hosted by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP).



As of November 2021, the first phase of the Coalition’s work (2012-2021) is 98% complete. During this period, we raised USD 95.97 million from 20 donors (see below). The bulk of this funding has gone towards capacity building and technical assistance projects in developing countries, as well as towards project to catalyze action in key short-lived climate pollutant emitting sectors.

Since 2015 this work has been guided by the Strategic Plan to 2021. The majority of projects funded during this period will be completed by 31 December 2021. An overview of results is in the 2020-2021 Annual Report . At the end of 2021 any balance from Phase 1 funding will be reinvested in Phase 2.

Raised between
$96 mil.

$96 mil. was raised to support developing countries

Phase 1

Phase 1 funds have been spent and the balance transferred to Phase 2

Phase 2
Trust Fund goal
$150 mil.

$13 mil. pledged by November 2021, with more announcements expected

with results

Our activites have led to results in 75 countries this year

Phase two: Goal $150 million

In September 2021, the CCAC Board set a goal of raising at least USD 150 million to deliver the Coalition’s 2030 Strategy between 2022-2030. An overview of progress is below.

To implement the 2030 Strategy, CCAC Trust Fund resources will increasingly focus on supporting national action, while at the same time continuing to engage global leaders and decision makers, advance the transformation of key emitting sectors and provide policy-relevant research and analysis.

The potential to significantly reduce short-lived climate pollutants will guide our work through to 2030. Global efforts to implement known practices and existing technologies can achieve global reductions of at least 40% of methane by 2030 compared to 2010, up to 70% of black carbon by 2030 relative to 2010, and 99.5% of HFCs by 2050 compared to 2010.

How to contribute

The Coalition is a wise investment for a government’s climate finance portfolio. We are the only global organisation focused on reducing short-lived climate pollutants – actions which deliver results for developing countries and are imperative to meet the Paris Agreement targets. In 2021, 18 developing country Ministers called for investment in the Trust Fund to support action.

> Why invest in the Coalition    

Countries contribute to the Trust Fund on a voluntary basis to support the partnership and our activities, as well as to empower developing countries to fully engage and transform their relevant sectors.  

> Options for contrbuting to the Trust Fund, including targeted andearmarked contributions

Allocation of funds

Allocated funds to implement the 2030 Strategy are decided on by CCAC Partners, in accordance with the CCAC Framework.

Between 2012-2021, the Coalition allocated a total of USD 65 million for projects and USD 19 million for partnership activities that include mobilizing high level political will, raising awareness, convening the partnership and for Secretariat support. An overview of recent allocations is in the CCAC Work Plan & Budget for 2020-2021.


Phase 1 (2012-2021)
USD 96 million raised from:

  • Norway USD 21,853,509
  • Canada USD 20,442,219
  • United States USD 18,244,574
  • Japan USD 11,167,001
  • Sweden USD 6,843,478
  • Switzerland USD 6,173,078
  • European Commission USD 3,526,049
  • Denmark USD1,817,223
  • Monaco USD 1,130,708
  • Germany USD 1,164,343
  • Netherlands USD 870,285
  • Italy USD 642,850
  • Finland USD 624,273
  • France USD 669,297
  • Belgium (Walloon Region) USD 582,365
  • Australia USD 148,134
  • Luxembourg USD 84,830 
  • Poland USD 10,000

Phase 2 (2022-2030)
USD 25 million pledged or received from:

  • Switzerland USD 8,800,000*
  • Canada USD 8,000,000*
  • United States USD 3,000,000
  • Ireland USD 2,000,000*

  • Japan USD  1,250,000*
  • Norway USD 870,000*
  • Monaco USD 540,000*
  • Belgium (Flemish Region) USD 290,000*
  • Germany USD 115,000*
  • Belgium (Walloon Region) USD 100,000*
  • Netherlands USD 70,000*

*Pledged amount converted from local currency into USD; actual amount to be updated

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