2017 UN Environment Assembly


The UN Environment Assembly has the universal membership of all 193 UN Member States and the full involvement of UN organizations, specialized agencies, inter-governmental organizations, civil society and the private sector. In bringing together these varied communities, the Assembly provides a groundbreaking platform for leadership on global environmental policy. 

This year’s Assembly will be sustainable and climate-neutral, and it will feature side events that confront pollution in its various forms. The Assembly aims to deliver a number of tangible commitments to end the pollution of our air, land, waterways, and oceans, and to safely manage our chemicals and waste. These will include the following:

  • A political declaration on pollution, linked to the Sustainable Development Goals, to signal that humanity can work together to eliminate the threat of pollution and the destruction of our planet
  • Resolutions and decisions adopted by Member States to address specific dimensions of pollution
  • Voluntary commitments by Governments, private sector entities and civil society organizations to clean up the planet
  • The #BeatPollution Pledge, a collection of individual commitments to clean up the planet