Methane Roadmap Action Programme Workshop Series


The CCAC Methane Roadmap Action Programme (M-RAP) supports Global Methane Pledge (GMP) countries and CCAC countries with the development of methane mitigation roadmaps to advance national methane action.

The M-RAP Virtual Workshop Series will provide participating countries with a detailed training, guides and resources covering the 5 building blocks of methane mitigation planning. Participants will hear from scientific and technical experts and learn from concrete country examples. Participants will also learn about the technical and financial resources provided by the CCAC and our Partners to support methane roadmap development and project implementation.

The M-RAP Workshop Series consists of 8 virtual workshops between May and June 2023. The workshops will be recorded and be available online as training materials.

PDFs of the workshops can be downloaded below.

Background resources:

Pollutants (SLCPs)

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