Second M-RAP Virtual Workshop Series


The CCAC Methane Roadmap Action Programme (M-RAP) supports Global Methane Pledge (GMP) countries and CCAC countries with the development of methane mitigation roadmaps to advance national methane action.

The 2nd M-RAP workshop series will invite GMP countries to 1-hour virtual workshops to address lessons learned from methane roadmap development and preparations for COP28.

The series consists of 5 virtual workshops between September and November 2023. The workshops will be recorded and be available online as training materials.

See below for registration for each of the virtual workshops. 

The inaugural workshop of the 2nd M-RAP series focused on the issue of filling national data gaps. Chris Malley (SEI) and Melissa Weitz (US EPA) presented on the data available from international data sources that can help countries move forward rapidly on identification of relevant methane mitigation pathways while they further develop their national data capacity.

You can download the presentation from the resources below.

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