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Role in the CCAC

Swisscontact has been an active partner in the CCAC Bricks Initiative.

Swisscontact is also currently implementing the project "Climate and Clean Air in Latin American Cities" (CALAC+). The objective of CALAC+ is to reduce harmful air pollutants to protect human health - especially of the most vulnerable and poorest populations - and to mitigate climate change by using soot-free engines in public transport systems and off-road machinery in four Latin American cities. CALAC+ will provide expertise to national decision-makers to inspire and secure public commitment to future-oriented investments in the transport sector in close coordination with private stakeholders. At the global level, CALAC+ will facilitate knowledge transfer and capacity building activities, and disseminate experiences in coordination with CCAC, SIMUS, among other platforms, for strengthening the emerging voluntary alliance of Latin American cities committed to taking rapid action to achieve positive impacts on two fronts: public health and climate.  


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