Benin - Strengthen SLCP planning and implementation while increasing capacity for methane mitigation

CCAC Funded
Implementing partners

This project responds to a request by Benin’s Ministry of Environment for technical assistance to support strengthening the national SLCP planning process, initiating SLCP implementation and increasing capacity for methane mitigation. 


The project aims to achieve the following by its completion: 

  • The government has increased capacity to assess and model their SLCP emissions, to prioritize and implement SLCP mitigation measures, and to track progress. 
  • The government endorses the methane roadmap. 

What we're doing

The main project deliverables are: 

  • An improved and updated SLCP emissions inventory, emissions projections, and mitigation assessments as a technical basis for including SLCPs in Benin’s revised NDC, NDC implementation plans, GHG emission inventories, MRV/monitoring, and evaluation frameworks, and for mobilizing resources for the implementation of SLCP priority measures. 
  • Capacity building workshops and support tools to train relevant persons within key organisations on the further development of mitigation assessment and tracking of implementation progress building on the LEAP analysis. This would include support to:  
    • Update the LEAP analysis in key sectors, including energy, industries, agriculture, waste and if possible, forestry and land  
    • Develop long-term 2050 emission projections 
    • Enter cost data to assess the cost of implementing mitigation measures  
    • Train a core team in Benin to update it into the future. 
  • A methane roadmap that follows a methodology agreed with the CCAC Secretariat. Based on methane related assessments, include development of implementation pathways for methane mitigation measures, assessment of the cost of implementation, and monitoring and evaluation framework for methane mitigation. This would be aligned with the NDC implementation plans for its updated NDC.