Biomass Utilisation by Insects for Green Solutions in Africa


The project will assist National Governments and communities in Uganda, Ethiopia and Ivory Coast to improve food security, mitigate greenhouse gas emissions and valorise waste using Black Soldier Fly waste processing.  

The project will advise decision makers and practitioners on how to: co-develop and transfer knowledge on organic waste separation; incorporate BSF technology into existing governance structures; use BSF technology to produce insect protein and organic fertilizers; co-power BSF operations with renewable energy; and assist communities to develop funding proposals for BSF technology.


This project intends to:

  • Enable national governments to prioritise BSF technology in reducing methane emissions.
  • Improve the capacity of government entities to take SLCP mitigation actions.
  • Equip communities and entrepreneurs with the capacity to plan and implement BSF technology.
  • Enable countries to replicate and scaleup BSF interventions to reduce SLCPs, and to make commitments to reduce SLCPs through international or regional agreements

To achieve these outcomes the project will:
•    Provide training on applying BSF technology to reach climate mitigation targets via workshops in the three countries. 
•    Develop baseline studies to identify the most suitable communities for on the ground implementation in each country.
•    Elaborate and share national BSF implementation guides to establish BSF technology as a standard option for organic waste management.
•    Provide capacity building workshops at national level to discuss materials and project implementation.  

•    Develop contextualised toolkits covering the design, setup and operation of a BSF facility and how to estimate, measure and report resulting GHG emission savings. 
•    Conduct in-person and online workshops with decision makers and practitioners, exposing and discussing 

Project reference - WST-23-006 - Biomass Utilization by Insects for Green Solutions in Africa 

Pollutants (SLCPs)