Uganda – Develop capacity to enforce mandatory heavy duty vehicle inspections

Following the adoption of EURO 4/IV vehicle emissions standards by the East Africa Community (EAC) in July 2022, Uganda has set a national sulphur fuel standard of 50ppm for diesel, which is captured in its National Environment (Air Quality) Standards. This project responds to a request made by the Ministry of Water and Environment of Uganda to build capacity for the implementation of EURO 4/IV emission standards.

Project reference: [UG-23-004] Uganda – Develop capacity to enforce mandatory heavy-duty vehicle inspections.  

What we're doing

At a minimum, the project is expected to build capacity within key government authorities in Uganda to implement the standards, including through a mandatory vehicle inspection programme. The project should also, in parallel, outline a roadmap to stricter EURO 6/VI standards.

The project should achieve the following by its completion: 

  • The Government of Uganda endorses a mandatory vehicle inspection programme by the end of the project or soon after.
  • Relevant government authorities in Uganda have increased capacity to implement the national sulphur fuel standard for heavy-duty vehicles and engines by the end of the project.
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