Uganda – Sector strategy for organic waste management


Organic waste is one of the greatest challenges facing developing country authorities, with the amount of waste generated exceeding their technical and financial capacity to collect and manage it. 

Uganda has submitted an updated NDC, committing to reducing its net greenhouse gas emissions by 24.7% below business as usual levels by 2030, including from the waste sector. 

The aim of the project is to support Uganda in developing a comprehensive national strategy to mitigate SLCPs emissions from organic waste by contrasting BAU and mitigation scenarios. This strategy will be accompanied by recommendations for an enhanced MRV framework, and opportunities public-private partnerships and financing opportunities for scale-up.


This project aims to:

  • Enable the Government of Uganda to endorse the sector strategy for organic waste management by the end of the project or soon after.
  • Create easier access to finance for The Government of Uganda to implement its organic waste management strategy. 
  • Increase the capacity of national and subnational government authorities in Uganda in organic waste management.

This project will support Uganda to develop a strategy for organic waste management that aligns with its current policies, including the National Environment Management Act, existing national regulations on waste, and ambitions for the 2025 NDC update. 

This project is also expected to build capacity within relevant national and subnational institutions on technology solutions, policy and legal frameworks, and financing options to spur further action on waste separation, organic waste diversion from landfills, and deriving value from organic waste.

To achieve these objectives the project will:

  • Establish a national waste and wastewater emissions inventory.
  • Create an assessment of national SLCPs emissions and reductions  scenarios.
  • Develop a national SLCPs emissions mitigation roadmap for the organic waste and wastewater sectors. 
  • Develop local development strategies. 
  • Conduct awareness-raising and information campaigns.  
  • Hold capacity building workshops
  • Develop an organic waste sorting manual.
  • Develop a monitoring, reporting and verification (MRV) framework for the waste sector. 


Project reference: [UG-23-005] Uganda – Sector strategy for organic waste management