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CCAC Methane Flagship


The CCAC-UNEP Global Methane Assessment sets out an opportunity to change the climate trajectory within the next 20 years—a critical timeframe for slowing warming and self-reinforcing feedbacks enough to avoid passing dangerous tipping points. This Flagship aims to engender a global enabling environment necessary to reduce human-caused methane emissions by 2030 to levels consistent with the findings of the Global Methane Assessment. This is essential for limiting warming to 1.5°C with limited overshoot and for achieving the goals of the Paris Agreement.

The CCAC Methane Flagship will help achieve these reductions by engaging and mobilizing CCAC partners and other key actors to take steps to reduce methane emissions. It will provide scientific assessments and tools that support decision-making, political engagement at all levels, awareness raising, and national action. The Flagship will focus and consolidate existing CCAC activities on methane, and catalyze additional activities. It will raise the external profile of the breadth and depth of the CCAC’s efforts to reduce methane emissions. The Board will maintain oversight over the Flagship, with coordination provided by the Secretariat. Except where decided by the Board, the Flagship will seek achieve its objectives and support implementation of activities through existing hubs, CCAC bodies such as the Scientific Advisory Panel, with and through its partners and their initiatives.