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Transforming the cookstoves market in Uganda

Transforming the Cookstoves Market in Uganda

The private sector and the government of Uganda seek to transition households to cleaner and more efficient stoves and fuels to improve health and reduce environmental impacts, in part through the application of best practice principles from standards and labeling (S&L) programs, including:

  • Establishing performance criteria to set a benchmark for manufacturers to meet;
  • Testing products to better understand their performance and improve confidence; and
  • Conveying information to increase awareness of the benefits of clean and efficient cookstoves.

The specific S&L components, such as scope, metrics, and label types, that will be most beneficial to the market are based on the policy environment, market actors, technology landscape, and consumers.

Based on assessments of the Ugandan market, experiences from Ugandan standards for appliances, and input from Ugandan stakeholders in September 2015, this document provides seven key recommendations that will create immediate impacts or provide important foundations for long-term program success.