Oil and Gas Methane Partnership reporting

Partner companies of the CCAC Oil & Gas Methane Partnership have committed to reporting annually on activities specified in Section 3d of the OGMP Framework document. Company-specific summaries of these reports are made publicly available. The contents of these public summaries are specified in Section 4 of the OGMP Framework document. A partner company‚Äôs first report is due following its first full calendar year in the Partnership.

The six companies that joined OGMP at its launch at the end of 2014 (Eni, Pemex, PTT, Southwestern, Statoil, Total) reported in 2016 on activities they carried out in 2015. BP and Engie E&P joined the original six companies in submitting reports for 2017 on activities carried out in 2016.

Links to the OGMP reports for 2016 - present may be found below. Each report contains all company-specific reports for the relevant year, a Readers Guide, and information about the OGMP. The company-specific reports hould be read in conjunction with the included Reader's Guide.  Information on recommended emissions calculation methodologies and mitigation techniques referenced in these reports may be found in the Technical Guidance Documents.